Due to the high demands from his fans, clients, and followers, James Walsh launched The Billions in the Bank Podcast in 2020. It serves as a go-to resource for intelligent discussions and informative commentary on all matters concerning business, sales, technology, entrepreneurship, life-changing strategies, and much more.


James Walsh Podcast


Like all mediums that Mr James Walsh Entrepreneur produces, his podcast finds the perfect balance between offering insightful information and hard-hitting brutal honesty. Not to mention, Walsh is a natural-born entertainer who never allows his audience to experience a single second of boredom.


“Other podcasts seem to just go through the motions. They hold back, play it too safe, and offer very little to their audiences. My aim is to do the opposite. I want to help my listeners thrive every time they tune in. That’s why I pack this program full of techniques, strategies, and relevant information that can change people’s lives and give them a hopeful future,” says Walsh. “My mission isn’t just to motivate them to make the most of their lives. I want to give them specific guidance for how to do it.”



-Fascinating interviews with the top names in business, politics, entertainment, technology, and more.

-Winning strategies for how to increase one’s wealth and happiness.

-Motivational talk that will make anyone want to get off their couch and make the most of their life.

-Debates with the sharpest minds in any industry.

-Unique opinions and points of view that you won’t find on any other podcast.


When you subscribe and tune in, you won’t just be listening to a podcast. You’ll be listening to life-changing information from the number-one salesman and entrepreneur in the world.

James Walsh