James Walsh’s first published book, Billions in the Bank, is scheduled for world release in the 4th quarter of 2021. The book explores both Walsh’s life story and the business journey that led him to develop the most sought-after sales and business techniques on the planet.

James Walsh Entrepreneur‘ title discusses the key issues which show how risk is measured, examining how he studies on understanding new industries that he invests. There are plans to start to create a series of business workers books but due to covid, we have scheduled them for a later date. We have decided to release a free new video of Book Vol #1 in the near future.

James Walsh Book Author

“I’ve faced a lot of adversity in both my career and personal life. This book isn’t just meant to inspire others. I wrote it to educate people on how to achieve financial independence that leads to happiness. The meaning of the phrase, ‘billions in the bank,’ is that there are millions of dollars and billions of dollars that can be obtained in today’s markets. You, yes YOU, have the power to acquire those dollars. You just need to learn my philosophies.”

James Walsh is not kidding when he references inspiring others. The book chronicles his remarkable journey toward financial freedom while encountering obstacle-after-obstacle, including: growing up in a boarding school in Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom, overcoming dyslexia, moving to a foreign country with no money, and battling personal demons.

As if these topics aren’t entertaining enough, James Walsh Sales even assisted an MI-6 agent in taking down mafia union operatives.

Aim for James Walsh

A recent press release confirmed that Mr James Walsh is already in the process of writing his second book. His fans and followers are demanding that he release it at the start of 2021 on amazon for paperback delivery and kindle for American. In October 2021 other countries internationally the new version start playing late October in Amazon Shop for new items products under the release date.

Internationally paperback items should have products guide cards in the back explain to the customer in their language.


James Walsh