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What Is Your Code of Honor?

I, James Walsh Entrepreneur have followed my own code of honor which has allowed me to make decisions throughout my life.

The time has come for you to consider following your own personal Code of Honor.

This code is made up of a group of principles. These are guidelines that I encourage you to live by over the course of your life. A Code of Honor often features a combination of ethical, social, and moral principles. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to include these types of principles in your code you live by.

I believe that humanity now lives in an era in which most people believe in nothing. This means that many people do not even have faith in themselves. Immediate gratification is a major weakness of many people. They want everything in life handed to them instantly. Plus, they want other people to do everything on their behalf. This unhealthy mindset can lead to many social problems. Some of those problems include depression, having no confidence, feeling like you have no purpose, and even living life like you’re a zombie.

As I observe the state of the modern world, it becomes easy for me to recognize that many people have no clue why they are doing the things that they do every day. Many people choose to allow the stream to take hold of them and allow it to command them what to do.

(The stream can refer to government or society.) So many individuals lack an inner compass. But they need one. Why? Because one’s inner compass directs him or her of what is right and wrong. Instead of listening to their moral compasses, people opt to blindly follow the stream. This means that they look outside of themselves to figure out what’s right and wrong – “James walsh Sales

Whatever you do in your life, you cannot break your personal Code of Honor. That’s because it is what ensures that you will maintain integrity as the journey of your life continues. This is much more ideal than taking part in someone else’s journey or following the journey of society. Your journey is what counts.

No one can design a Code of Honor on your behalf. Your code is something that you must define on your own. You must adapt or create a code that you foresee guiding you through life. While determining your code, ask yourself the following question. “Am I willing to live by my code even if it defies many aspects of the modern world’s culture?”

I want you to now see an example of a powerful Code of Honor. You can use the following model as a guideline when structuring your own code. Or, you can adopt key elements from the example. 

Bushido is a Japanese word that means “The Way of the Warrior.” This Code of Honor was created to ensure that highly skilled warriors stayed on a righteous path by being ethical. Below are the key factors of the Bushido code.


Courage refers to your ability to do any action that scares you. It can also mean simply just doing what is right. The samurai view courage as a crucial virtue as long as any action is conducted within the context of righteousness.


If you are kind and mean well, then it is likely that you are proving that you have benevolence. It is a vital quality for any person that has some degree of skill and power. For example, say that you show mercy toward people that are weak. Does that make you appear weak? I say that it doesn’t. Instead, conveying benevolence proves that you have strength. I believe that powerful people must sometimes show love and generosity.

–Politeness & Decency

When you consider other people and show them respect, you are conveying politeness. Japanese culture contains many concepts related to the Code of the Samurai. Every time that I have visited Japan, I’ve experienced tremendous courtesy and good manners when interacting with locals. This strong level of politeness and decency applies more than almost anywhere else in the world that I travel.


Honesty refers to staying free of deceit when interacting with other people. There are many moral and practical reasons why it is important for you to be honest. When you’re consistently honest over time, it can lead to you gaining wisdom. I do all I can to go through life being honest. I recommend that you do the same.


When someone has honor, he or she can hold true to an agreement to fulfill any sort of obligation. Many groups in Japan (and throughout the world) maintain specific honor codes. The codes refer to standards that you must adhere to. Otherwise, you will lose the respect of your group.

Also, consider applying the following three qualities when constructing your personal Code of Honor:

–Sensible Exercise

Sensible exercise refers to boosting your level of activity every day. It can also mean determining things to do that bring you fulfillment or joy. Science has proven that getting consistent exercise can give you many positive effects. It can strengthen both your general health and sense of well-being.

That is why I recommend that you find some time to exercise almost every day. The type of exercise that you choose to do is up to you. The key is to get moving, whether that’s through jogging, lifting weights, yoga, or something else. You can switch it up and do different exercises each day.

-Positive Attitude

Having a positive attitude means that you expect great things to happen to you. This is a mental state that I recommend you maintain every day. But don’t be naive and lie to yourself by thinking that everything in life is great. Instead, you should try to hold onto a healthy balance of positive thoughts. Try to accept that bad thing could happen at any time to you or people that you care about.

But don’t waste your time worrying. Instead, go through each day carrying a positive attitude. While doing so, you’ll begin to recognize that whatever happens to you or others won’t come as a complete surprise. You will find ways to deal with any obstacle that you encounter.


Mushin is a Zen expression. It means “the mind without mind.” It’s also known as the state of “No-Mindedness.” In this mental state, you can remain spontaneous at all times. This can lead to you taking all sorts of immediate actions without having to think. In the West, this concept often refers to “living in the moment.”

“I work with both low profile individuals and popular celebs, as well as large corporations, to increase financial gain. I do so by getting to the root causes of problems quickly so that winning strategies can be served to my clients. I have worked with hundreds of companies across the globe and pushed them to grow.

My mission is to help people obtain tremendous financial wealth, regardless of one’s industry or background. I’m living proof that you don’t have to sit in an office cubicle your whole life and be told what to do. You’ve just got to get up and take action.”

James Walsh Tour inspires his clients and followers to make the most of their lives in order to make the most money they’re capable of; this involves forming an independent, entrepreneurial mindset that defiantly breaks away from each person’s perceived limitations. Walsh attributes many of his client-transformation abilities to NLP, also known as neuro-linguistic programming.

“Learning NLP techniques, which essentially means training your mind through your voice, forced me to do things I was afraid of doing and helped me achieve goals that grew bigger by the year. I now teach my clients those same techniques so they can overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. NLP taught me to control my environment. Now, anyone who is around me is completely influenced by me. I’m not bragging, but because of NLP, that’s just how I live.”


Despite Walsh’s tremendous business and personal success, life wasn’t always easy for him. Many are shocked to learn of his humble beginnings. “I grew up with nothing on the mean streets of London. I overcame living in an abusive home. I didn’t have electricity or running water in my late teens. I persevered over difficulties with alcohol. Nobody supported me. All I had were my dreams of creating a better life for myself. That’s why I moved to the United States at the age of 19 with 700 dollars in my pocket. Believe me when I tell you that ‘I am the American dream.’ If I can overcome adversity and make the jump to riches from my difficult past events, so can you. People wonder how I wrote this book, called Billions in the Bank, due to my busy schedule.

Well, it was time for me to tap into my memory and share my success secrets as a form of education that many people don’t have access to. But let me be clear. My mission is no longer to make money. I already have plenty. I just want to give back and help others. That’s why I make my writing, videos, podcasts, and courses so accessible – James Walsh Entrepreneur.”


His no-nonsense, to-the-point communication style is catching on with the masses quickly, as more and more people from all walks of life are turning to James Walsh as a force of leadership to improve their daily affairs. There is constant energy about him that some fans refer to as “economic growth energy.” Though Walsh prides himself on his sales strategies, he wants people to know that they apply to more than just earning paper and achieving financial gain.

“To be successful in today’s day and age, you have to be able to sell. And I don’t even mean products. You see, everything in life is related and interconnected. You have to sell yourself to others and know how to negotiate with people what you can offer. Otherwise, the world is going to run right over you.

That’s why I offer the best sales training courses in the world. Competent sales skills are your own insurance policy against financial failure. I teach the skills you won’t find in schools or universities, and as long as I’m on this earth, I’ll continue to show more and more people the path to financial freedom.”


One of the many fascinating aspects of Walsh’s life is that he built his empire with no social media. In fact, it wasn’t until late 2019 that he created his first account. He now urges his fans to connect and follow him on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But unlike most public figures, Walsh enjoys messaging and connecting with his followers.

He states, ”If you message me on any of my mediums, I will do my very best to communicate back to you. I enjoy chatting with like-minded people who have big aspirations. Feel free to leave me a comment. Whether you want to discuss sales strategies or trending topics, I’m all ears. I always enjoy getting an opportunity to assist anyone I can.”

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“I’m not just developing my own series of videos,” says Walsh. “I think of myself as a General in the Army. My infantry is my subscribers, followers, and students. It is my goal to teach them that business and life is a war that anyone can win with the right strategies and mindset. I show them how to become a master of independent wealth. Most other channels are carbon copies of one another. But when a big-time celebrity or corporation needs my help, I am the original, independent mind they turn to. I suggest that anyone who wants to improve their life should join me online.”

James Walsh has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, NBC, MTV, and many other worldwide shows and media platforms. Walsh also served as a member of the board of directors for major international corporations across dozens of countries. He’s even privately advised the US and UK governments with economic forecasts regarding the COVID-19 pandemic while working to find solutions.

If you want to learn the best creative ways to take charge of both your life and finances, there’s no public figure that can do more for you. He’s named James Walsh. And he’s going to give you the resources and services to succeed.